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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania

We were invited by my older sister to join her and her family to spend a week at a mountain resort in East Stroudsburg, PA. So, last week (17-23 July), that's what we did. We took the bus, subway and then the train (NJ Transit)to get to my sis' place in New Jersey and of course she had to pick us up from the nearest train station. We were carrying clothes for one week, well not exactly, since the resort we were staying in would have washing/ drying facilities, but we still had to carry quite a bit of things. I really wished we could just drive to NJ instead. Anyhow, we made it in one piece and it was really a good week to have left New York because there was a heat wave here that week. Of course, we didn't plan it that way because this booking wasn't arranged by us. We took lots of photos but I will post only the significant ones.

The welcome center of the resort where we checked in.

The lodge we stayed in; it was a townhouse. In Malaysia they would call this a semi-detached house. We stayed in the unit on the right and we had the added bonus of having a barbecue stand next to it.

Some photos of the interior of the house:

The living room.

The dining room.

The bedrooms.

The main attaction of the area was Bushkill Falls.

They had four trails you could choose from to explore the whole place.

For many Americans though, the area has a far greater big attraction - the shopping! Apparently, the Outlets shop there offer really good bargains.

So that's where we went to after we trekked on the Falls trail.

My younger daughter and I passed the time by playing with the camera and the mirrors inside the shops while we waited for my sis and her friends to finish shopping.

My daughter and I enjoyed the walks we had in the forest resort in the evenings although we had to watch out for mosquitoes.

A crab apple tree.

A swing hanging on a big tree on the yard of a private property we discovered on the main road behind the unit we stayed in.

An apple tree next to one of the neighboring units.

Wild flowers.

From a distance at first I thought they were calves. I was wondering why there were cows in the resort. Then as we came closer we realized it was a doe with her two fawns. I took many shots of them but this is the closest one and it's like "now or never" - I had to click the camera or they would run away the next moment. And that is just what happened.

The same fawns.

The barbecue on one night was one of the highlights of our stay.

The other highlight would be the bonfire where the children roasted marshmallows. This was interesting to us because open fire burning is illegal in Malaysia and NZ so we never had this there.

The children also went swimming in the resort pool but it seemed the water wasn't clean so they did it only once. The older girls went to the water park instead but I stayed back with my younger daughter so I don't have photos. So, that's our summer trip to the Poconos! :)


Smile! God loves you and me. ^____^

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