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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Growing and Moving On

My husband just left this morning for another two-month business trip to Malaysia. I am in a new country, on my own, again. All the children are settled in their schools and I have a few other things to follow up concerning our settling down here. I have also started reviewing for driving exams. Although there is a church right in front of our house I still have to find one that has an evening service so my teenagers can be awake to come with me to church on Sundays.  On top of these, something came up to make me realize that menopause is staring me in the face. I am turning 50 this year, after all. It's jubilee year for me!!! Hey, if that means I finally get to go to work, even just mopping floors at McDonalds, that would still be a life for me. It might truly be jubilee year for me!!! Meanwhile, my special needs child missed school yesterday and today because of bladder control problems. I just realized it seems this is a chronic problem for her and that needs to be addressed, too. And that reminds me, one of the major things I need to follow up on is the processing of our family's medical insurance.

Although we have friends here my Christian friends are all very far from me. I guess that's the main thing I have to look for now here, a support group of some Christian friends. My sister and our common friends here are all "very Catholic" and I don't mean to be a "hater" (whooaa, I'm using the word!), but Catholics actually don't realize that there's a whole world of difference in our beliefs. Of course, I don't push the issue but even my children can feel how America is soooo "Catholic." We realized NZ is actually "more Christian",  in the sense that there are many more Christian churches than Catholic churches there. My older daughter had a freaky encounter with the idols in one of the homes we had gone to which made her realize all the more how serious these things are. As a little girl, she used to get  freaked out with the idols in my late parents' house when we used to go home to visit them in the Philippines. (Yes, I grew up as a Catholic and because I have come to know the Truth in the Bible I have made extensive research on the history of the Catholic church and its teachings.) When we went to visit that house here in the US, they had so many of those icons but Jayne didn't see any of them! Later, when God opened her eyes just before we were to leave, she freaked out. Then she realized how God had protected her by "blinding" her, because she would have felt very uncomfortable in the hours we were in that house.

Anyway, back to my thoughts on a Christian support group. I didn't realize how badly I needed that until I opened my FB today and a Christian friend (oh, how I miss my prayer times with this particular friend) shared this quote in her status:

If we are growing we are always going to be outside our comfort zone. Unknown
So true; so hard. The reason I feel so challenged is because I am out of my comfort zone and it's a sign I'm growing (still!!) and moving on. Not too excited over it but that's just how life is - a monotony of challenges - bwahaaa!!:-) >.< *<>* (Gee, even just looking at these emoticons lifts the depression out of me. Ok, ok, how pathetic my life is, huh?!! hmmmp!!!)

 Jeremiah 29:11  ...For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future..."

Cheers! =)

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