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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Four Dollars-Thirty

Dated 24 June 2011

Two weeks ago I was on an errand to bring my younger daughter's urine
sample in a hospital's collection center nearest our home. It was just a bus-ride away and was done
rather quickly. Then I realized I had time – some time for myself – if I took
the opportunity. It was still early, just a little past 8am, just a few minutes
after my daughter was picked up from home by her school bus. Then I remembered
the coffee shop my older daughter and I went to the last time we were in that
area - Panera Bread! "Oh, I have plenty of bread and green tea at home," I
thought. But then, this is time and space away from "home!" Yay! Actually, away from "work" for me! And so, I went in and looked. Their bagels looked good! I always go for the multi-grain or wholemeal one, so, that's what I did. And the cashier showed me where to get the tea and hot water. So, that settled that – tea and bagel with vegetable-cream-cheese spread for me. And it's four dollars thirty cents. Hmmm,
I chose not to convert to Ringgit or Pesos, or I'd end up gagging on my food. :-P And so I took it at
face value – four dollars- thirty. Actually, $4.28.

But, really, what did four dollars-thirty buy me?
It bought me time and space where I could sit down unnoticed.
I could reflect and enjoy the hot drink as I watched people and cars pass by through the glass walls.
I could see old folks walk in and out of the shop, in their faded jeans and tees.
I even saw middle-aged blokes in shorts, hunched over laptop and paperwork.
And I got to hear a group of oldies chatter, as they huddled in a corner, munching away their breakfast and teas.

For four dollars-thirty I got a warm, crunchy and hearty bagel with cream cheese and piping-hot Earl Grey, albeit in a paper cup. :-D
But after a few bites I knew it wasn't the food that made it a good deal for me:
It was four dollars-thirty for idling mind and limb and forgotten chores and cares at home.
T'was rest for an hour and a minute, rest for a really muddled mind and soul.
Nobody was chasing me out of that shop, nobody was ringing me on the phone – I left
it at home!
Nobody was pulling my hair, no one nudging me, "Hey, it's time!" - nobody giving me the grunt or the look just because I was idling away.
For an hour and a minute I was unnoticed, un-missed, unwanted, unnecessary, un-demanded, unneeded - missed by the radar, out-of-sight-out-of-mind; phew!!

Panera Bread - it does wonders at 8:30am! Yes, it was, pretty much, very much, money
well-spent away from home. Four dollars-thirty! >.<

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