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Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Honour of the 29 at Pike River Mine

Dated 24th Nov 2010

Our family mourns, with the rest of the nation of New Zealand, over the loss of the lives of the 29 miners, after the second blast happened yesterday. May our Lord bless their souls for eternal peace. Our prayers and thoughts are with them, their families, loved ones and friends. They were fathers, husbands, uncles, sons, grandsons, brothers, and friends to many, especially to the people of West Coast. Our thoughts are with you all. Today is indeed, a dark, sad day for all of us.


The 29 killed in the Pike River Coal mine disasterhttp://nz.news.yahoo.com/a/-/top-stories/8383356/the-29-killed-in-the-pike-river-coal-mine-disaster/


In honour of the 29 miners, the national flag is at half-mast in my daughter's school today.

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