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Saturday, December 4, 2010

What If

Dated 25 July 2010

I just read my daily devotion book written by a Preacher's kid who is herself now also in ministry. She said her mom's decision to be there for her, if she needed her, despite being so busy as a Pastor's wife, gave her a sense of security. Her mom made being a mother to her, her most important ministry.

She also says, "Be consistent in practicing what you preach. As Paul said, 'Watch your life and doctrine closely' (I Timothy 4:16). Be there for your kids. If you do, I can tell you from experience that you'll have a tremendous influence in their lives."

What if we grew up with our mother not even a believer? Or what if she was / is but doesn't practice what she believes or preaches? What if our parents are the type who really failed in being there for us??? What if when you think of the word "love" all you feel is emptiness??? I pray for you and feel for you, kid. I know, our experiences are so different. Some are really blessed to have such wonderful parents who are mature enough to be parents and are not hurting from their own childhood and failures in life. I pray that you will meet somebody today who can make God's love so real you will realize God is really our perfect Father and His Holy Spirit is the "mom" who is always there for us.

I grew up in an environment where there was so much religion and church-going but God's love wasn't that real. I come from a big family and my mom worked throughout. She was hardly there for me, and if she was, not really to talk about my heart struggles and all that stuff. She felt kind of far away. The reason I try very hard to be there for my children now is because I know the feeling of emptiness when I needed to talk with someone about my feelings, and there's nobody there to talk with. I came to know the love of Jesus and His Father through a Bible study group in graduate school. And that love of God I came to know has enabled me to forgive my parents and move on, to be loving to others, especially my own children. And yet, I can tell you that I still have to see whether I would really have that tremendous influence in the lives of my children. But one thing I know, a hug makes a big difference to a child, especially when things are falling apart. So, find somebody to hug today, not necessarily a child but maybe a friend, a parent, a sibling, a pastor, somebody you love and respect.

And here's a *HUG* to you.


Dated 3rd July 2010

A Beauty to Behold!!

Germany just demolished Argentina, 4-0. Sorry, but "Adios, Argentina, you did a good
showing." Now Australia (4 - 0) and England (4 - 1) can smile, they didn't do too badly
against GERMANY after all. LOL!! hahaaa!! :DDDDDDDD

I don't want to rub it in but having a star coach (Diego Maradona) and a star player (Messi) are not enough. Germany played and keeps playing as a TEAM. They hardly kick long balls just to try their luck at the goal, instead, they ESCORT the ball as a team to the goal! They also steal the ball from the opponent clinically, hardly any fouls. You should really watch them play, a beauty to behold, hahaaa!!! They had their first goal within the first five min. of the game. When they did the second goal at 68th min. I knew it was "sayonara Argentina." The four goals were shot by three players - Klose 2, Mueller 1 and A. Friedrich 1 - shows it's real team play. Mesut Ozil made the pass to Klose for the fourth goal in the last few minutes.

Unfortunately, Muller will not be able to play in the next game because he got a second yellow card in this game. :( But too much domination by the South American teams in this World Cup is no fun, so, I'm glad Argentina is out. Germany's next game is on Thurs 6am. Huh, have already gave notice to my family, there'll be no party that day. harhar!!! (I need to schedule John's b-day party within this school break.)

Photo from www.washingtonpost.com - Klose (no. 11 in black) celebrates his goal.

Dated 1st July 2010
Japan's Cool Shots

Japan lost to Paraguay 5-3 in penalties. Not a very nice way to  exit the World Cup. And not a very decent way for Paraguay to remain in the running. But hey, those penalty kicks by Japan that went in were really, really cool. The players had no signs of jitters as they made their strikes and the goalie leaped the opposite way each time, showing those strikers could feign aim really well. Cool. They're really cool - cool goals and cool players. Well, there goes the last Asian team out of the World Cup 2010. Honestly, I don't like any of the South American countries to win, because they dominate the game so much. Now I'm rooting for Germany. ;-)

Dated 26th June 2010

Beautiful Goal by Lee

Korea just bowed out of the 2010 World Cup but they went down with heads held high. I think it was an altogether beautiful game. Suarez of Uruguay scored the first goal at the eighth minute of the game but it was a "lucky" goal, nothing spectacular about it. I would say the Korean defenders weren't consciously watching out for the Uruguayan striker. If they did it could have been a totally different story. From then on it was a defensive stance on Uruguay's part and Korea kept the pace up with constant attacks, beautiful attempts. Lee Chung-Yong (yesss, he's a LEE!!!) scored the equalizer at 68th minute and it was an awesome beauty of a goal! I loved that goal because there were three players involved in getting that goal in and it was just spectacular team play. It made the game really worth staying up for!! (It ran at 2am onwards NZ time and I watched the whole game.) From then on Uruguay changed their stance to attack mode again and Suarez (again) scored at 80th minute. It was another "lucky" shot because it hit the goal post but it still went in. Korea's free kick even before the 8th minute also hit the goal post but it went out. :( Korea made one or two really beautiful attempts in the last few minutes but it was eventually game over, dream over, for them. I really salute those Korean boys for giving such a valiant showing at the WC 2010. Hats off guys!!! Yeee-haaaa!!!

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