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Sunday, December 5, 2010

That Sounded So Familiar

Dated 28th July 2010

On the way home after picking up the kids from school my older daughter and younger son said, "The car smells of pizza." So I said, "Yeah, because there's pizza in the car." And they said, "Why????" That reminded me of my older son two years ago, when we were picking up the pizza from Domino's in Riana Green (Malaysia) on the way home and he also asked, "Why are we having pizza for dinner?" (He said he didn't really mind although he had too much pizza in the US in that past year of his being in first year at the College there.) :((((((

Well, coming back to today's scenario, my older daughter suddenly jumped and said, "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I know!!! It's Mommy's b-day!!! I remembered last night but I forgot this morning. Happy birthday, Mommy!!!" I was driving, so, couldn't really hug but I said, "You guys are pathetic, you never remember my birthday." And my younger son was so apologetic and said, "Happy birthday, Mommy!!!" but my younger daughter was crying saying she "missed Caleb." bwahahaaa!!!

Anyway, I don't really like pizza but the place I wanted to go to for our late lunch was a meat pie shop in Henderson but I knew my older daughter doesn't like pie and my younger son wouldn't like to waste time in a restaurant because that means time off from his computer games... that's why I had planned earlier to celebrate my b-day alone... But having pizza spares me from cooking lunch for them, it's cheap and easy (I only have to pick up), so, Dominos Pizza it is!!! :)

My younger son finished one whole Mr. Wedge large pizza and he danced while he sang happy birthday to me!!! So I said, why don't you do a haka for me, too? And we did it together - bwahahahaaa!!+ of course it's a mock one coz we don't know any haka but we make sure we get the bulging eyes part in!!!! bwahahaaaa...

Haha, watching my chick flick "13 Going on 30" (Jennifer Garner) right now, so, might post my b-day photos later. See you folks, and cheers!! Am forty-nine going on 90!! Going to have my grandkids in the next ten years while you guys are just going to have YOUR kids, bwahahaaa!!! :-D


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