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Old notes taken mostly from my personal time with God. We're moving house again, so, I guess we're back to being, literally, pilgrims on the Rough Roads of Planet Earth. (Photo taken on a road to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, North Auckland, NZ, Dec 2009.)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hi! How's Everyone?

"I Wish" dated 28 March 2009

I've been really pissed off, so, had to stay away from here for a while. I can't be seen as fearful or anything like that but life goes on, just as usual. Should I wait till something really bad happens? Or should I do something now to prevent bad things from happening? There's so much at stake and so much work to do if I should decide to change my circumstances.
Life is not really green, as it looks like on the other side of the fence. :-) It has its own side of dry seasons, and rocks and hail, and what not. I feel comforted with the thought that it's just another day, in a life, in a place somewhere. It has its joys, its problems, its hard times, its boredom, its comforts. I want to think God has not forgotten me. Circumstances just sapped me dry and I don't have the energy to seek Him. God is good, all the time. But you can't feel His goodness unless You seek His presence.
I thank God for
good health
beautiful surroundings
good food
comfortable home, car
clothes on my back
great company on the net
time with my family
time to see a movie, sometimes
time to sit and reflect, rare times
time to clean my house
time to cook decent food
time to read, write emails
for being alive - some people my age have died many years ago
great friends, good friends, praying friends
new friends, old, faithful friends
strangers who do their job
strangers who care
being able to feel, smell, see, etc
being able to appreciate
being able to read, write, think, reflect

I wish that I have a longer weekend.
I wish I don't have to clean the house that often.
I wish I don't have to take care of trees, bushes and plants in a garden.
I wish I don't have too much laundry.
I wish I can do other things with my time besides cleaning, cooking, gardening and laundry.
I wish I don't have to relate with so many people and put on so many masks.
I wish I can have time alone.
I wish I can have some silence.
I wish...

Photo taken from a rose nursery near our house in Spring 2008.

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