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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ten Degrees Here

dated 2 May 2009 "Yeeee-haaaa!"

It's currently 10 deg C here. Well, it's autumn, the leaves' colours are changing, it's getting cold and damp, really damp. It's been raining continuously and humidity is as high as 89% at times. And right now it's ten minutes past 2 a.m., 3rd of May. I have an electric heater on here in our dining room where I'm typing this on our dining table, but I'm wearing two layers of shirts, a cardigan, cargo pants, socks and a raincoat (not a long one, just a body raincoat, but it's still a raincoat). That's how I try to keep warm here. There's no use for me turning up the heater higher because I'm going to sleep soon and am saving electricity. It's not particularly uncomfortable, I just have to keep shifting my legs once in a while to keep warm, though. On the contrary, Jayne is toasting in her room because her room is small and she's fully awake till I don't know when, so, her heater is on full blast.

So, this is autumn here in Auckland and I really am not complaining. Just after one week of praying things are looking up for me. I don't feel so dragged down by disappointing circumstances and scenarios in my younger daughter's school. I just changed my mind-set. God is good.

Psalm 16: 6 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places;
surely I have a delightful inheritance.

When I focused on God again, I realized I can actually believe His word, such as the one above, which I have always confessed before, since I started consciously putting my trust in Him for everything in my life.

Also, the service in this new church we're attending, was so good last Sunday, I actually felt the presence of God and experienced the Holy Spirit ministering to me once again. Hmmm, hallelujah!

So, praise the Lord, I am sleeping, smiling in my dreams tonight. ;-)

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