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Monday, March 22, 2010

Blood Test Again

dated 8 October 2009

Just came back from another blood test for my younger daughter. This time they're testing her for the chromosomal abnormality called William's Syndrome.
If it's positive then she's "labeled." If negative, they probably will do more blood tests on her! Now that's sad. It's not fun being pricked all the time, not to mention the exposure to risks. I'm just glad she has no pre-conceived ideas about needles. So far she doesn't seem to relate "clinic" to these pricking incidents. We distract her with talk about school, her favourite food, her friends, etc. I make her look away from the needle and the tube. I brought her to the park to play on the swing after that, so, I hope she associates it with something fun.

Meanwhile, my husband, son and I have so much fun playing "Scum" at night. My husband still can't get the trick on how to play this game and seems to always turn out to be the "scum." I was "president" many times last night. :-)

Ugh, three more days and it's school again. I pray for a pleasant time for my younger daughter and me in school this term as she will start having some assisted learning and I will have three hours free in the morning because of that. I look forward to the calm it will bring to our lives, I hope.

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