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Thursday, March 4, 2010

In Cana of Galilee

dated 8 May 2007

Jesus' Second Miracle in Cana of Galilee

Once upon a time, there was a rich and important man of the city of Capernaum. He and his family were happy and lived a comfortable life. They had good food to eat, nice clothes to wear, a big comfortable house to live in, they had many friends, and they had many servants to serve them. However, despite all those he was sad. His son was sick and was soon going to die. He was very troubled and disappointed. He loved his son dearly and he had hoped he would inherit all he had and be an important man like himself some day. But if his heir died, then all his hopes and dreams for him would amount to nothing! Besides, he really loved his son and he would surely miss him if he died. He couldn't bear the thought of a life ahead without his son. The rich important man had lost all hope until one day he heard about a man of God by the name of Jesus.

People were telling him that Jesus had been teaching about God, whom he also claimed to be his Father. Jesus was also known to have healed sick people at the feast during the most recent Passover, in Jerusalem. Then he heard that Jesus had come to Galilee, just about a day's journey from his home city of Capernaum. And so, the rich important man decided to meet Jesus in Galilee to persuade him to come along with him to heal his beloved son.

He came to
Cana of Galilee. He told the Lord Jesus, "Have mercy upon your humble servant. My son is severely sick and is soon to die. Please come with me to my home so you may heal him."

But Jesus told him, "You may go back now and I don't have to come along with you. I have already healed your son."

The rich important man believed Jesus and said, "Thank you, my Lord, that I have found mercy in your sight." And so, he headed home.

Before he could reach home, some of his servants met him, and joyfully told him the news: "Your son is alive and well; he's healed!"

When he asked when exactly the child got better, he was told that it was at the seventh hour the day before, that the fever left him.

Then the rich important man remembered that that was the same hour when Jesus told him his son was already healed. Because of that incident, he became a believer of Jesus, he and his whole family.

(Adapted from John 4:46-54, Bible)

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