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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Easter Means to Me This Year

dated 7 April 2007

The Day Lily is a symbol of Easter for some cultures as it connotes new life and freshness.

What Easter Means to Me This Year

Easter is not really about Easter Bunnies or Easter Egg Hunting. I can divert into the topic on how those became associated to Easter, but I don't wish to do that now.

Easter is actually the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus i.e. His rising from the dead. Second only to Christmas, Easter is the most celebrated of all Christian holidays. Modern Christians now call it Resurrection Sunday in an attempt to dissociate it from the kind-of-adulterated practice called Easter.

In actual fact, the resurrection of Jesus remembered at Easter, is the most important event for a Christian. It is because of the resurrection of Jesus that there is Christianity. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, Christians would still be in their sin (unforgiven, unsaved, uncleansed – translated as, can't go to heaven). In the act of rising from the dead Jesus demonstrated for all time that He conquered sin and death and that the sacrifice of his life on the cross is efficacious and sufficient for the forgiveness of every repentant sinner. His rising from the dead also sets him apart from all the other prophets who have ever taught religion, any religion. The resurrection of Jesus sets Christianity apart from all other religions. Also, the resurrection of Jesus speaks of a new life for every repentant sinner. For as Jesus rose from the dead, the repentant sinner, who chooses to believe in Jesus and His resurrection, is also raised to a new life. What a wonderful truth!

It is the hope of the resurrection that gives me hope to go on hoping for the best, for myself, for my family, friends and loved ones. If God can raise people from the dead, and He does, I can certainly believe that any seemingly hopeless situation - an errant child, failing health, failing relationships, failing grades, even dreary jobs, etc. - can be changed by God into something good, joyful, even successful. The possibilities are endless! Now you know why I love Jesus so much!

Cheers and happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

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