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Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Down Side

dated 30 August 2008, 1:13pm (Pacific SA Std GMT-4hour)

This is a sad and low time for me and I need to be praying
more but I need to run around doing errands and stuff because we’re moving. So,
I leave everything in God’s hands. Or, I just pray when I get a minute or two
of quiet and rest. And thank God, I still do feel His presence, sometimes.

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A pastor friend asked for prayer for a church member of his
who had a freak road accident and who was in coma. Three or four days later I
got another sms from him saying the person concerned already died. He left
behind a widow and five grown kids. He was a bus driver.

.. ..A minister friend is having marital problems and had stepped
down from ministry and church leadership for a season, for healing, counseling,
prayer and hopefully, reconciliation with his wife. His father asked for
continued prayer. I do pray for him. I believe Jesus is constantly in the
business of healing and restoring people, relationships, ministries and
marriages. And nobody is perfect, for as long as we are in this world and in
the flesh. Nobody is immune to temptations and mistakes. That’s the very reason
why we need God in the center of our lives.

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I have a very young, precious and beautiful niece who’s
battling stage three cancer. My prayer is that she would know Jesus. So that
whatever the outcome of her battle may be, she would have peace, knowing that
she is in Jesus’ presence and she would have the assurance that Jesus would
receive her in His arms, in the next life, JUST in case. For life without
really knowing the love of the Savior is bad enough in this life, and
infinitely worse in the other world.

.. ..My daughter has a friend who’s just her age and had just
passed away due to cancer. She has other friends who have friends their age who
are battling cancer. I do believe that the end-time plagues mentioned in the
book of Revelations (last book in the Bible) are cancer, heart disease and
diabetes – the major three killers of this age. These plagues are no respecter
of age, status in society, gender, nationality or geographical location. It’s a
dying world but we refuse to see it. There is only one true Life and that Life
is in the Son of God, Jesus. There is only one true Life-Giver, God the Father.
I am not saying that all who put their faith in
Jesus would be physically
healed. What I am saying is, there is an evil worse than death and if we read
the word of God (the Bible) and receive the Promises of God in there, we are on
the right track to finding Life, not only for possible physical healing but for
spiritual Life that brings healing not only to the spirit, but to the body and soul
as well. Sometimes, knowing the answers to our questions brings us peace and it
makes a whole world of difference. I have found answers in the Bible, and still
keep finding more in there.

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No, life isn’t rosy. But I thank God I have Jesus. He is

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