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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mr. Wise and Mr. Foolish

dated 1 May 2007

The Wise and Foolish Builders
Once upon a time there was a man named Mr. Fool. He wanted to build a house. He loved walking near the beach early in the morning to pick up shells and feel the sand under his feet. He also loved to waddle in the shallow water as the waves come in and go out. So, he said to himself, "I will build my big beautiful house right here in the sand, on the beach! Then I don't have to walk very far when I go for my morning walk." And that's what he did.

There was another man named Mr. Wise. He also liked the beach very much. He would take his dog with him and throw a stick far into the water and his agile dog would chase and retrieve it for him. Sometimes he even took his boat in the evenings and sail a bit further out to sea to feel the evening breeze and admire the setting sun. He thought," I will build my house here on the beach but it has to be high on a rock, so, that if the waves rise up at high tide my house would still be safe." And that's what he did.

Then a great storm struck. The rain poured in torrents. The sea became a big cauldron of waves, stirred up high and roaring loud. The winds blew crisp and hard and broke many palm and gnarled trees along the shore. Lightnings struck and thunders roared.

The tides rose high and came up to the houses of Mr. Fool and Mr. Wise. The tides shifted the shoreline as the sands moved in and out with every onslaught of the waves. And with the shifting sand, the pounding of the waves and pouring of the rain, the great and beautiful house of Mr. Fool shifted as well. It totally crashed! Then it was washed to the sea, almost in an instant. Where as, the house of Mr. Wise towered high above the waves and stood steadily upon the solid foundation of a rock.

In the same way, if you want a life that is strong and solid, so that it can withstand the storms of trials and difficulties, you need to build it on the solid foundation of the word of God, not on the shifting ground of worldly beliefs.
Adapted from Luke 6:47-49 ( Bible).
Dogs in the beach pic from www.sandiegosurfers.com
Storm images from www.picture-newsletter.com
Last pic from

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