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Friday, March 19, 2010

Tea and Coffee

dated 1 Sept 2009
(Mood: Thankful)

I like this picture of the rainbow. I haven't seen such a perfect one since I was a kid in my home country. I guess it's the pollution in other cities of the world that deprives us of seeing such a beautiful sight. Thank God, Auckland isn't that polluted yet.

It was only after looking at this photo did I realize that a rainbow is actually double-edged. What we usually see is only the lower rim. There actually is an upper rim as well and the quite invisible middle part of it. Hmmm, reminds me of God's presence. In the Book of Revelation the throne of God has a rainbow. No wonder the rainbow is supposed to remind us of the covenant God made with Noah. When the rainbow is gone, God would have already made a new Heaven and a new Earth. Makes me wonder then. Would that mean greater sights, greater than looking at a perfect rainbow, when Jesus comes to rule the earth?

I just had tea with a friend who's guardian to an ASD child. We see so much in common between our charges. It's good to be able to talk with someone like her. Though she herself said some people prefer not to talk about our problem. Well, talk about other things then, as long as we can talk with another adult, that makes things better for us, I guess.

It wasn't the tea, nor the coffee ( we both don't drink coffee), nor the cakes. It was probably just the company. God is good. He brings friends our way. I feel good just having something to thank God for. And there is always something, if I just stop long enough to ponder...

If you are in a sad situation like mine, may you hang in there. Maybe one day we can have tea or coffee together, too. It won't be the tea or coffee, or the cake or muffin, just the company and the blessedness of knowing somebody out there cares to listen and communicate, somebody sent by God to your seemingly lonesome way. Cheers! :-)

Photo was taken in my younger daughter's school in May this year.

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