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Old notes taken mostly from my personal time with God. We're moving house again, so, I guess we're back to being, literally, pilgrims on the Rough Roads of Planet Earth. (Photo taken on a road to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, North Auckland, NZ, Dec 2009.)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Some Really, Really Random Thoughts

dated 29 Oct 2009

painful right heel - rheumatism? lack of exercise? seems to get relieved with some exercise; relieved a bit by lying down with legs up

Barbie Swan Lake, Swan Lake music running in my head, in my ears! again, again and again...

I'm glad I'm so far away.
They tire me out.

hypoglycemia - high-fibre diet; wind in my ear

Joche coughing, coughing, running nose, trouble breathing at night, trouble sleeping... can't control urine... no way, can't go to school

play in the swing... go to Warehouse instead... hmmm had to buy treats - neighborhood kids trick or treating this Sat

watched Young Victoria - lucky England, ok, blessed England
Wickham, that guy's Wickham haha, so skinny
Emily blunt from Prada... she was so skinny and old-looking

been wanting to clean the toilets, the floors, the garden... haha rather be reading a magazine
reading about the rich and famous; they're real, aren't they?
when I think of monarchs, what pressures they go through... they must have some special grace from God.

thinking of calling some people... ahhh, rather be sleeping on time

I lost my blue cotton hat... now have to wear my wide-brimmed one... might as well, it's like summer sun already inside the car...

been planning to cook my ratatouille dish this past whole week! the ingredients are drying up in the ref... ugh

Ezra, Darius, Cyrus... Isaiah, hmmm last warnings... we're so complacent

Well, got to sleep now. Good nite :-)

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